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        ÖÐÎÄ°æ | English | Enterprise Mailbox Login
        ¡¤ A rash wine Jingzhi ... [09-07]
        ¡¤ The ceramic bottle u... [09-07]
        ¡¤ The artistic value o... [09-07]
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        ¡¤ 3.93 m high blue and... [09-07]
        ¡¤ AnYuanHong porcdain ... [06-06]
        The Jiangxi Pingxiang Tell Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Province and one of the subsidiaries of the Group, Jiangxi and the Group is engaged in ceramic manufacturing; manufacture of metal, plastic, environmental protection, filtration filler, building materials, rubber; cement manufacturing, trade large groupcompany, the company has assets of 660 million yuan, the plant covers an area of 1680 acres, plant constructio ¡¾Detail¡¿
        ¡¤ TEL£º0799-7078366
        ¡¤ FAX£º0799-7031669
        ¡¤ LINKMAN£ºMiss Deng(15907996886) Mr. Lee(13879912398)
        ¡¤ E-mail£ºsale@taierchina.com
        ¡¤ URL£ºwww.takeoffrust.net
        ¡¤ ADD£ºZheng, Pingxiang City Economic Development Zone 9
        CopyRight@2012-2013 Copyright£ºThe Pingxiang City Thiel Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tel£º0799-7078366 E-mail:sale@taierchina.com
        Web site by px666.cn Address£ºZheng, Pingxiang City Economic Development Zone 9
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